Here we have an interview with great Finnish Black metallers Horna, a band that I hope nobody of you needs to know who the hell they are!!
Spreading their black arts since 1995, now they have signed a new deal with Woodcut rec., and the first step after the deal is the new "Sudentaival", a good album that adds to the musical direction of the band a more clear production, without losing a single trait of their usually aggressivity. Read here what Shatraug has told us...

Well, let me start saying compliments for your last work, 'cause "Sudentaival" sounds really good, as a great album of true Black Art! Can you tell us something about this release?

            Hail. Less said is more heard so I´ll just stick to the facts that it´s our best album up-to-date, the first one on Woodcut Records and with the true Black Metal spirit this scene needs. 

In this album there are two songs that were included into your previous release "Ordo regnum Sathanas" (I mean "Kun Synkka Ikuisuus Avatuu" & "Black Metal Sodomy"). Can you tell us something about that release? What are the differences between the song contained there and in "Sudentaival"?

            The "ORS" material was recorded only as a bonus for the double CD, nothing more. We made a demo of the album and "ORS" is mostly what was left over, with the exception of the two mentioned songs. The demo versions of these songs are naturally said "demo" versions, with a few small differences in arrangements and production. Other than that, they are the same songs.

I know you have always been an antichristian band, so I'd like to know more about the lyrics…

          Our lyrics are filled with devotion to dark arts… Subjects vary from occult phenomena to superstitions, from cruel destinies to unholy vengeance and beyond. We have widened our perspective a lot within lyrics and for example, there are no more fantasy tales…only harsh reality and poetry.

Is Horna a Satanic Black Metal band, and do you consider yourself a Satanist? What message are you carrying on with your musical activity?

            More than anything the band is Satanic, yes. As persons we are probably more heathen but I write the lyrics and depict what we stand for, and other stand beside me stark and proud. I am a Satanist though I´d say I´m closer to an apprentice than a full prophet. The message we carry with HORNA is one of satanic reality…a world where conqueror souls should rule with iron will. This is what I live and I don´t care about anyone that´s not on my "side" so to speak… Even if you are a part of "the scene" it doesn´t mean you´d know anything or be worth shit…Every pride-filled destiny has to be earned.

As you certainly know, in the modern "black metal" scene (bah!?) there are many bands that mix satanic and vampiric topics altogheter, often without knowing nothing about one and the other, what do you think about this (sad) situation?

           Not many know the true vampiric topics, they just play along with the gothic romance… The real essence is about fear, hatred, anti-humanity, no feelings… True vampire hates everything that lives, there´s nothing romantic about it, just pure will to put an end to worthless lives… Those who misuse the vampiric image are pathetic but the reality is fascinating.

Will Horna ever be a melodic black metal band, or you will always stay on your pure roots?

            I´d say we´ve become more and more melodic all the time, and yes, we will evolve on and on with this path. Though, we will remain true to the roots of time.

Can you tell us something about Finnish Black Metal? What are your relations with the other bands from your country? Can you suggest us some good band, besides those everyone knows?

            Most of the scene is shit and I´ve got only few contacts left. Bands like Behexen, Musta Surma, Clandestine Blaze, Sargeist and Baptism are for example worth support… There are a few others but this is not the time to mention all of them.

What do you think about the Black Metal scene now, at the dawn of the new millennium? There will be a future for this amazing form of Extreme Art? (I hope!)

            The trend scene may suffer as much as the business men too, the true underground scene will only grow stronger than passing time. The same spirit that drove us 7 years ago is still burning black in our hearts and so it will be, I know this for sure. Those who understand the spiritual essence of Black Metal will keep the flame lit, other may fall but some of us will still carry on and spit on the face of wimps and posers…

What do you think abut the musical direction of bands like cradle of filth, dimmu borgir, Emperor, MayheM (sic !!!) and so on? Do you think the future of Black Metal stays inside experimentation or must be found in the roots of this music?

            Fuck, they are just musicians trying to do their jobs, that´s all they have left to do… No honor or spirit to drive them… Some new ideas have been great but most of them just end up sounding boring and lame, that´s it really.

In the photo inside the booklet of "Sudentaival", there is a group-photo without face painting; Have you choose to leave this classic trademark of Black Metal? If yes, why?

            It really doesn´t matter anymore. We are doing what we want regardless of what others too and there will still be corpse-paint in the future, no doubt about that. The photo for "Sudentaival" was chosen to fit the album and it´s concept, that is why there is no paint this time. We have the pride to show our true faces as well and not just hide behind a mask…

I know there have been some changes in the band, can you tell us how is now configured the line-up of Horna?

            At the moment the line-up is me, Shatraug: guitar, A.T.Otava: guitar, Vrasjarn: bass and Gorthaur: drums. We have no vocalist at the moment as Nazgul (Satanic Warmaster) left the band due lack of personal motivation and other shit like that. We are looking for a replacement!

Have you planned a tour to support "Sudentaival"? If yes, there will be an Italian tour date?

            No, there´s nothing planned since we have no vocalist at this moment. All the plans are laid in ice until further notice… We´ll see about it next year or so.

What's your relation with the (beautiful) nature of your home country? Can it be a font of inspiration for your music?

            I believe that everything around me influences to do different things, whether it´s to do a song or to go hunting. Anything can be a source of inspiration.

How do Horna create their music? Do you made your songs togheter, or they came out from individual ideas?

            No individuality, only what I create and cultivate.

Tell us something about your musical influences; what are the bands you like and what are those that give you the inspiration?

            Ah, there are far too many to be mentioned really… Some Black Metal bands I´m very influenced by are early Emperor, Satyricon, Tulus/Khold, Gorgoroth, Mütiilation, Vlad Tepes, Nokturnal Mortum, Temnozor… I mean, what ever I like inspires me, there´s no doubt about that.

Well, we have reached the end! Your final speech? Can you tell me something in Finnish language (and translate it!!!)?

            Jeesus Kristus - haista vittu!! (as in "Black Metal Sodomy"; Jesus Christ -fuck off!!)

Thank you for your time and KEEP THE BLACK FLAME BURNING!!!!!! Heil Horna!



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