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Agmen - "Damnation" era
Azaghal - "Of Beasts and Vultures" era
Beatrik - "Journey Through the End of Life" era
Belphegor - "Infernal Live Orgasm" era
Black Witchery - "Desecration of the Holy Kingdom" era
Blasphemophagher - "Atomic Infested Carnage" era
Blodulv - "Blodulv" era
Chelmno - "Chelmno" era
Enthroned - "Carnage in Worlds Beyond" era
Eschaton - "Summon the Manifestation" era
Exsecratum - "Aditus" era
Gosforth - "...god Failed" era
Graven - "Perished and Forgotten" era
Horna  -  "Sudentaival" era
Infernal Goat - "Bestial Passion" era
Infernal War - "Infernal SS" era
Khold - "Phantom" era
Krohm - "Crown of the Ancients" era
Kult ov Azazel "Triumph of Fire" era
Maniac Butcher - "Epitaph" era
Melets - "Satan's Breed (the Mark)" era
Near - "The Dark Art of the Death Hidden in the Castle" era
Odal - "Sturmes Brut" era
Orcrist - "Primitive Damnation" era
Revenge - "Attack.Blood.Revenge" era
Sadorass - "Strength and Wisdom" era
Secrets of the Moon - "Stronghold of the Inviolables" era
Seeds of Hate - "Persecution of christian Filth" era
Spite Extreme Wing - "Non Dvcor, Dvco" era (ITALIANO)
Tenebrae in Perpetuum  -  "The Black Flame's Age" era
Tundra - "In Cold Dimness" era
Xasthur - "Nocturnal Poisoning" era



and more to come...