A blasphemous horde from Canada, from where it seems that the brutality put in music has its home-place. My interlocutor for this interview is J.Read, coming from Conqueror horde and now the frontman of this trio of musical terrorists. What more to say about this interview? J.Read seems not to be so much loquacious, being his answers very short and direct, but this is a thing that combines perfectly with Revenge's image and attitude, so keep him the way he is, or go fuck yourselves! The last thing: the questions dates back to "Attack.Blood.Revenge" mini, while Revenge are going to publish in this times a full length album with Osmose prod.

Ok man, let’s start talking about this hellish and brutal project under the name of Revenge: why did this band was created and why the name “revenge”? Are you taking a revenge for what?

            Revenge is one of the most extreme of the human instincts.

Your music is surely an uncompromising assault, miles away from commercial places or melodic solution, but substantially is a raw war-BM with a schizophrenic voice and a massive wall of sound behind it: do you agree with my description? Can you give us your personal label to your music?

            Revenge carries on the Canadian tradition of violent extremist metal.

What are the topics you talk about in your lyrics? I don’t think your songs are about woods, beautiful landscapes and so on…

            The lyrics are about the Superion hate towards the tainted doctrine of the deceiver.

The layout of the miniCd and your photos inside the booklet, remind so much the idea of a battle; if you add to all this things the brutal and raw atmosphere of the music, you can clearly say hat Revenge are a sort of representation of the violent spirit of war. What does “war” means for you?

            Man is always at war, if not physically then by hailing his own doctrine and seeking Revenge on those of weak and unnatural ideologies.

I think that a band like your can have many problems talking about such topics as war, blood, hate and so on, especially during this times… did you have some problems with Revenge?

            There will always be feeble sheep who attempt to cause problems.

I know you are an ex member of great Canadian horde Conqueror: what are the common points between the two bands? I can see you have quite the same logo.

            Revenge is a continuation of the path spearheaded by Conqueror.

What can you tell us about them? I still don’t know if you splitted or not…

            Conqueror has been dead for along time.

You are from Canada, homeplace of the great raw Black / Death horde called Blasphemy… what can you tell us about them? How can you describe us the scene in your home country?

            Blasphemy is now R.I.P. (that's really a bad news... ndA)

I have heard many times, or read inside the booklet of Cds, interviews and so on, that the extreme raw BM scene in your country is linked with a movement which calls itself “Black Metal Skinhead”: I’d like to know more about this movement, if possible, and if it has something to do with politics in it…

            The Canadian black metal skinhead cult has been around for many years hailing violence and antichrist elitist ideals. Too many are jumping on this trend these days but they are years too late.

Let’s talk about you’re believes: do you believe in god, Satan, yourself; do you follow any religion, philosophy… what?

            I hail the superion banner.

How much is important for you to play brutal music as you do? Do you find in music a way to vent your hate against the modern society, religion and so on, or do you consider it a form of extreme and violent art?

            Revenge is a violent warfare holycaust attack on all who hail the beliefs
of Inferion.

Are you planning a tour or some gigs to support this mini, or are you already working to something new, maybe a full length album?

            The Triumph Genocide Antichrist album will be released by Osmose on Jan 6th 2003.

Ok J.Read, I think it’s all: end as you like and feel free, eventually, to ask me a question, if you want…

            Trust no one!

Thank you and Hail Black War Death Holocaust !!


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